Friday, September 30, 2011

Birthday Clubs for the Grown Ups

I started to call this 'birthday clubs for adults', but decided that didn't sound very PG. lol Birthday clubs used to be just for kids. boo Now they are for grown ups, too. yay Here are the offers I received for my birthday a few weeks ago:

Baskin-Robbins - free 2.5 oz ice cream cup
Chevys Fresh Mex - free entree
Chili's - free brownie sundae with entree purchase
Cold Stone - buy a Creation, get one free (same or smaller size)
elf - free mini make up kit
Fazolis - free dessert
First Watch - free entree
Michael's - 20% off entire purchase
Old Navy - $10 off $50 purchase
Macaroni Grill - free dessert
Maggie Moo's - free ice cream cone ON your birthday
Panera - 'special surprise' It's loaded on my card, but I haven't redeemed it and don't know yet what it is. Oooooh, mystery!
Qdoba - BOGO coupon
Red Mango - 500 points added to card (equals $5 off next purchase)
Sephora - changes yearly (last year was shadow and mini liner, this year was Philosophy gel)
Sonic - free treat (choice of tots, cream slush, or drink)
Souplantation & Sweet Tomatoes - BOGO coupon
Starbucks - free drink of your choice
Texas Roadhouse - free appetizer or sidekick of ribs
TGIFridays - free dessert

If you're interested in any, sign up before your birthday.

And, no, I did not take advantage of all of these. Starbucks, without a doubt gets used. The others, some last year, some this year, some never.

Swagbucks bonus

If you haven't signed up for Swagbucks yet, you can get 100 bucks at signup with code BIGTIMEBUCKS. A $5 Amazon GC (my favorite reward) is just 450 points. I redeem one every couple of weeks.

I posted about Swagbucks back in 2009. The site works the same, but the point values have changed.
"Swagbucks is a site powered by Google that randomly awards Swag Bucks for searching through the site. Bucks are then traded for prizes. I'm sitting on 98 points right now. Among other things, that equals $10 at amazon plus a few Bucks left over. The search results are the same as if you go through Google, but it's a fun little surprise when you get the 'You've just won ___ Swag Bucks' message at the top of your search result. I usually get 1 or 2 Bucks, but have won 5 on a couple of occasions.....and, yes, I squealed with glee. It's the little things.

If you use this link to check it out and sign up, I win Bucks when you win Bucks. Yay! Then, tell your friends/family/strangers and you'll win Bucks when they win Bucks. If you don't want me to win Bucks when you do 8^( sniff sniff use this link. Either way, have fun earning Bucks for searching! When I win a Buck I always think of the Chuck E. Cheese ticket muncher - "What big prize are you saving for?" Yes, I'm a little off, but I'm harmless."

Barnes & Noble BOGO coffee

There's a coupon HERE for buy one beverage, get one free at Barnes & Noble.

Two for one salted caramel mocha....

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Disney Princess phone call

Yes, my Diva is going to LOVE this! Schedule a phone call from a Disney Princess. You choose the princess and the date/time of the call. There are two message options -- 'great job' or 'great helper'. I think Ariel or Cinderella could call and say 'clean your room' and she would still be thrilled. Maximum 2 calls per phone number.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Maggie Moo's -- 9/28

On Sept. 28th, participating Maggie Moo's are giving away Mini Waffle Sundaes.

YUM! My family loves Maggie's!

The 28th is my hubby's birthday. I think I should celebrate, don't you?