Monday, October 24, 2011

Olay gift basket deal has an Olay spa gift basket available HERE. The basket is priced at $9 plus tax and ships to your house for free. My total was $9.38.

Go through Shop at Home to get 2% back.

The gift basket also comes with an Allure magazine subscription. If you don't want the Allure subscription, you can choose one of five other magazines OR you can submit THIS FORM for a rebate of $9.99.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Office Max printer paper

We go through a LOT of paper around here. We buy it by the case, literally. OfficeMax has a case of multiuse copy paper on sale for $42.99, $4 off. An okay deal, but it gets better. If you're a MaxRewards member, you will receive $42.98 back in rewards, making the case just 1 penny. Now we're talking! Rewards members can get 2 of these deals.

If you order online, you get free shipping on orders over $50.

If you're a Shop at Home member, you can get 4% of your purchase back in your Shop at Home account, which almost covers the tax on the paper.

  • Item Total:
  • $85.98
  • Sub Total:
  • $85.98
  • FREE
  • $0.00
  • Tax:
  • $6.38
  • Gift/Reward Card:
  • ($20.00)
  • Total:
  • $72.36
  • You Saved:
  • $8.00

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

La Creme rebate

I just tried La Creme a few weeks ago. Yum! Here's a rebate form if you want to try it for free.

Edited to add: I also had a BOGO coupon, which means two bottles for the price of a stamp. Yay!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Bath & Body Works Halloween Sale

Bath & Body Works has Halloween items 75% off. Small candles are on sale 3/$5. Use code OCTSAVE10 to get $10 off $30. All told, I got 23 items for $28.36.

If you're not a Shop at Home member yet (and want to be), if you sign up HERE you and I both get $5 in our account. If you don't want to sign up using that link, go to Shop at Home HERE. Either way, we're still friends.