Tuesday, November 10, 2009

AutoZone loans tools

I didn't know this, but AutoZone has a Loan a Tool program. If you want to do auto repair yourself, but need a tool you can borrow one from them. Cool! You put down a deposit and get it back when you return the tool.

Big thanks to Tiffany at Living as Mom for cluing me in to this!

On a related note: Recently my van began starting very sluggishly. According to my husband, it could have been one of several parts going bad. He took it to AutoZone, they tested and said it was the battery. The battery had been purchased there and was still under warranty. Scott said he had the receipt, but the employee said it wasn't necessary, all info was in the computer and he would bring out a new battery. Scott started taking the old one out, the employee was back in a few minutes with the new one, took the old one and wished Scott a good day. GREAT customer service.

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