Thursday, January 7, 2010

Target Deals

Target has Tag reader books on sale for $10 this week. There was a $4 coupon in Sunday's Parade or you may find one online. Toddler Diva got the reader for Christmas, so I was happy to pick up two more books for just $6 each.

While at my Target (Bluffs for locals), I checked out Christmas clearance. 90% off! My store had just half an aisle or so left at the veeeeery back of the store. We found boxes of 24 candy canes for 24 cents....and bought 6 to hold us over until they're available again. There were still lots left for you locals. I also bought the sets of solid colored glass balls to make wreaths for next year. The sets were priced at $1 for the big ones and 25 cents for a dozen? of the golf ball sized balls. In case you're curious, I'm planning to make wreaths that will look something like THIS WREATH. My Target has lots of ornament packs, candy canes, tree stands, and cards left.

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