Wednesday, September 29, 2010


CVS has a lovely red machine right inside the door. Scan your CVS card and it will spit out a few coupons for you. It's a bit of gamble as you have no advance notice (or choice) as to what will come out. Some are good for a couple of weeks, some are 'today only'. Last week summer items were on clearance, so I popped into CVS looking for a grill basket. My CVS was sold out of summer clearance items, but I hit the CVS coupon machine to see what goodies it had for me. One of my coupons was $2 off Extra laundry detergent....which was on sale for $2. So, no grill basket, but FREE laundry detergent. Not bad for just walking in the store.

My only complaint about the lovely CVS coupon machine? I wish it would show your coupons on the screen and give you the option to print or pass. Of the five coupons it printed for me, four were 'today only' and I only used the one. The rest were merely wasted paper. :-(

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