Monday, September 28, 2009 offers magazines subscriptions below retail price. While I prefer the price of *FREE*, cheap is good, too. Some magazines just never pop up for free and a cheaper magazine subscription makes a great gift idea.

I recommend you sign up to receive updates and special offers via email (don't use your 'real' email, use an 'offers/newsletters' email). I receive three types of emails from
#1-offers that highlight a sale on a particular magazine
#2-offers that have a $5 gift card code, some for a particular magazine and some for any

Best of All
#3-$5 Gift Card that I can use on the site or receive in cash.

The first time I received the email that said I could cash in the code, I was doubtful. However, it is legit. I got a $5 check a month or so later. Hello, Starbucks! lol

If you decide not to receive the check, $5 off the already lower prices can make a subscription very cheap and in some cases free. Whoo hooo, Free! ;-)

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