Friday, October 2, 2009

More cookies......

It's Cookie Month! Yay! Rumor has it cookies consumed during cookie month have no fat or calories. Now, I can't confirm that, but that's what I've heard....or wished for. lol

Yesterday I stopped at Mrs. Fields for our yummy free cookies. Thanks, Mrs. Fields! With our cookies we received a punch card. During Oct., buy three cookies, get one free.

Mrs. Fields has an email newsletter, Cookie Club. Receive "Special discounts, Promotional information, Online contest details, New product updates".

Great American Cookies also has an email newsletter, Cookie-mail. Sign up for Cookie-mail during October and receive an email for a free cookie. Throughout the year you'll receive "news on new products, exclusive offers, birthday surprises, and more!"

As always, I signed up with my 'newsletters email' to keep my 'real email' just for personal use.

Cookies? Sweet. Free Cookies? SWEET!

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