Monday, January 10, 2011

Coffee tips

Not a coffee drinker? Skip today's post. lol Yes, I'm speaking to you, A. Unless you want to share Diet Coke tips. ;-)

My real life friends already know this, but I love coffee. Hot, cold, plain or fancy, I love my java. And while I'm not opposed to dropping some bucks at 'Bucks now and then, my everyday coffee is of the cheaper variety from my trusty counter top friend, Mr. Coffee. Every night I set up Mr. Coffee with a full pot set to start brewing when my darling husband's alarm goes off. When he gets ready to leave, Darling Husband pours me a big mug....then takes the rest of the pot with him to work. Most days that one mug is enough. Some days (today for example) umm, not so much.

A year or so ago I read a tip that I didn't believe until I tried it. To make a second serving of coffee, add half as much ground coffee to the used grounds and brew. I tried it and it works. To make the first full 12 cup pot of coffee, I use 4 scoops of ground coffee. Then I make the second pot a half pot, only 6 cups. I leave the used grounds from the first pot and add 1 scoop of grounds on top, then add 6 cups of water. Yes, I'm only saving 1 scoop of coffee each time, but it adds up, right?

On days that I don't drink all 6 cups, the leftover coffee goes in a sealed mug in the 'fridge for iced coffee tomorrow. I've also poured it into an ice tray for a frappe.

I've been known to sprinkle a bit of cinnamon on the grounds before brewing. It adds a hint of flavor for a lot less than flavored coffee and smells amazing while brewing.

If you buy a cheaper coffee and it tastes bitter, sprinkle a bit of salt on the grounds before brewing. It improves the flavor. Or forget brewing it and just use it in an open dish to remove odors. We learned this one on an airplane. Someone got sick, the attendant opened a bag of coffee and in a few minutes the smell was gone!

Final tip - If you use a boxed brownie mix, add coffee instead of the water. It adds that extra level of flavor that makes a boxed mix better.

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