Saturday, June 20, 2009

Free at Target

I love Target...and I love free at Target is wonderful!

#1 Johnson Buddies soap - These adorable soaps for 'kids' are in the baby section. They are priced at .97 or .99 and if you use a $1 of any Johnson baby care item, it's free. Every time I get one of those coupons, we pick up a soap on our next trip to 'The Red Store'. It's a bar of soap that's in a mesh cover so it isn't so slippery - perfect for the Toddler Diva to wash herself.

#2 Banana Boat sunscreen - Time to hit the travel size aisle for this one. The travel size sunscreen is $1 and there are coupons for $1 off ANY Banana Boat sunscreen product. Since it doesn't specify size, you can pick up one of these little tubes for your purse or glove box for free. So far, we have three in the park bag and vans. Never know when you'll come across an empty playground lol and want to stop and play. Toddler Diva's so pale sunblock is a must!

#3 Johnson First Aid kit - Stay in the travel section. There is a small first aid kit there in a white box (top row of baskets at my Target). It has a few band aids, wipes, gauze. It's also $1 and there are coupons for $1 off ANY Johnson first aid product. Now, you can't sew an arm back on with this little kit, but for a scrape at the playground (see item #2 above) it's perfect. For free it's a must for the Momobile imho. I got two, one for each van. Hopefully we never need them, but with three kids? Someday I'm sure I'll be glad it's in the van.

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