Sunday, June 28, 2009


I just won another buck on Swagbucks and realized I had never shared the info about this program. Do you know about it already? If yes, you can skip this post. If not, read on.....

Swagbucks is a site powered by Google that randomly awards Swag Bucks for searching through the site. Bucks are then traded for prizes. I'm sitting on 98 points right now. Among other things, that equals $10 at amazon plus a few Bucks left over. The search results are the same as if you go through Google, but it's a fun little surprise when you get the 'You've just won ___ Swag Bucks' message at the top of your search result. I usually get 1 or 2 Bucks, but have won 5 on a couple of occasions.....and, yes, I squealed with glee. It's the little things.

If you use this link to check it out and sign up, I win Bucks when you win Bucks. Yay! Then, tell your friends/family/strangers and you'll win Bucks when they win Bucks. If you don't want me to win Bucks when you do 8^( sniff sniff use this link. Either way, have fun earning Bucks for searching! When I win a Buck I always think of the Chuck E. Cheese ticket muncher - "What big prize are you saving for?" Yes, I'm a little off, but I'm harmless.

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