Friday, January 6, 2012

Target clearance

Just a heads up that my Target has Christmas stuff on 90% clearance.

24 pack candy canes (reg size, not the teaser ones) are just 24 cents.  A mere penny for a full size candy cane! Yes, I bought 2 boxes and am debating going back for more.  I had the kids with me and it's hard to hide my cane stash if they see them come in the house. ;-)

Tons of other deals to be had, but don't wait.  Once Target hits 90% it's gone in a couple of days, either with customers or off to Goodwill.

I've seen reports around the net that toys are 75% off.  My Target is still sitting at 30% for most and a few are at 50%.  I didn't see any at 75%.

And, yes, it's MY Target. ;-P  I certainly clock enough hours there.

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